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HiKOKI Power Tools are excited to announce that Emirates Team New Zealand has adopted the revolutionary new HiKOKI power tool technology platform to help defend the America’s Cup.

Emirates Team New Zealand’s Sean Regan, in charge of the team’s boat building facility and building the new AC75 boats themselves, says, “The new technology is amazing, the power that we get, the longevity of the batteries, and the recharge times are fantastic.”

HiKOKI is the bold new name of Hitachi Power Tools and signifies an industry leap forward in product development and innovation. HiKOKI has harnessed state of the art lithium-ion battery technology from the Electric Vehicle industry to create Multi Volt, a 36 volt cordless battery platform which delivers a game changing improvement in power and performance.
Sean Regan adds “In our game, if you sit back you’re never going to beat the opposition. We’ve got to keep evolving right to the very end, and we can see that with HiKOKI, and where they’re going. We’re really excited to be able to use that new technology to help us to defend the America’s Cup.”

Coinciding with the global launch of the HiKOKI brand, HiKOKI NZ has announced today its continued support as the Official Supplier of Power Tools to Emirates Team New Zealand.
Regan continues “Knowing that HiKOKI are with us going forward is huge, because I know what Hitachi has done for our team for the last 20 years.”

This agreement marks a significant milestone in the history between the company and Emirates Team New Zealand, as Hitachi Power Tools has been the Official Power Tool Supplier for every single campaign in the team’s history spanning back to 1993.

Andrew Way, Managing Director of HiKOKI Distributor Accent Tools Ltd says, “It’s a special relationship that goes right back to the very beginning of the team’s amazing story of innovation, resilience, can-do attitude, and ultimately repeatedly hitting the pinnacle of success in the toughest yachting competition in the world.”
Way continues, “With the 36th America’s Cup being held right here in our backyard, and for the first time ever, the team setting up their own in-house boat building facility in Auckland, there’s a lot of advantages that HiKOKI Power Tools will be able to contribute to the success of Emirates Team New Zealand’s 2021 America’s Cup Campaign.”
“The new HiKOKI Multivolt range of tools have more than twice the performance of the team’s legacy Hitachi tools. This means some tasks will be able to completed in less than half the time, which could be a crucial difference in overnight race preparations”.

This evolution is something that Emirates Team New Zealand is eager to capitalise on during the boat building, testing, and racing stages of their campaign as they reach new heights in innovation and performance.

HiKOKI recently delivered their range of new power tools to the Emirates Team New Zealand’s build facility on Auckland’s North Shore, where the team’s boat builders are setting up a world class operation to begin building the America’s Cup boats. Watch their reaction here:


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