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70 year legacy built on a singular vision, to create tools that are as powerful as they are innovative.

We strive to create power tools that are best in the world and best in class. HiKOKI continues to break boundaries in innovative design as well as delivering award winning power tool technology to the market.

Established in 1948 as Hitachi, HiKOKI Power Tools has redefined how the world uses power tools. HiKOKI, a brand built on a proven legacy forged under the Hitachi name.

HiKOKI delivers the next generation of Power Tool innovation.

Precision-engineered for maximum durability.

We lead the industry in precision engineering to deliver maximum durability and reliability. Through our rigorous process of design, testing and analysis, we are constantly improving and strive to be the best at providing highly reliable products.

We know that New Zealand tradespeople want tools that go the distance and we aim to deliver.


HiKOKI holds a vast portfolio
of over 2500 power tool patents.


A product range that spans
over 1500 models world wide.


A legacy of Innovation.
HiKOKI is leading the world in
ground breaking tool performance.

HiKOKI Power Tools will continue to make monumnetal leaps in power tool innovation, performance and in cordless technology. HiKOKI is poised to set a precedent that all 230V corded power tools will eventually become cordless, running off new state of the art battery technology. Hitachi was the past, HiKOKI is the future in delivering true power and cordless freedom on an epic scale.

Engineering the future.

HiKOKI invests significant time, energy and resource into research and development. HiKOKI is engineering at mind and at heart. With their headquarters based in Tokyo, Japan – HiKOKI engineers spend their days working hard to constantly find ways to make power tools perform smarter and more efficiently.

First Sabre Saw.

Hitachi brings to New Zealand its first sabre saw in the 1980’s as a safer alternative to chainsaws. The sabre saw has now become a fundamental tool in tradespeople’s tool kits.

World’s first Slide Compound Mitre Saw

Hitachi designed the world’s first Slide Compound Mitre Saw in the 1980’s. This ground breaking tool redefined timber processing operations on the worksite. HiKOKI has now released a highly innovative 255mm Slide Compound Mitre Saw powered by 36V Multi Volt technology.

First Impact Driver

In the 1990’s Hitachi brings to New Zealand a strong focus on cordless Impact Drivers. The Impact Driver has become a fundamental tool for the professional user.

First Alloy Body Tools

In early 2000’s, Hitachi brings the world it’s first heavy duty double insultated AHB tools with alloy housing and superior performance – made for extreme work conditions.

First AC Brushless Tool

In 2014, under Hitachi, HiKOKI launched the first AC Brushless power tool. AC Brushless tools operates with superior efficiency. An integrated power inverter continually monitors the electrical flow and load conditions.

Innovative Gasless Nailer

In 2017, Hitachi launches a powerful and innovative gasless nailer using a unique and powerful Air Drive system based on recylced compressed air. This allows users to do away with the hassle of gas cartridges.

The most Innovative Battery Platform.

HiKOKI has launched the most innovative and powerful battery, based on the new high powered 21700 cell. The BSL36B18 delivers a whopping 1440W of power. Larger, more powerful tools no longer need corded power.

Multi Volt Battery Technology

October 2018, we launch the most innovative battery platform, with the ability to automatically switch between 36V and 18V to suit specific HiKOKI tools.


Making the most of every resource to achieve innovation greatness

HiKOKI as KOKI Holdings, operates a strong portfolio of credibile power tool manufacturing brands such as Metabo Power Tools, Tanaka Outdoor Power Equipment, HIT-MIN Power Tools, CARAT Diamond Tools & Machinery and SANKYO Diamond Tools. With a vast resource at HiKOKI’s disposal, both in Research & Development, Manufacturing and Quality Control, HiKOKI will deliver an evolution of ground breaking range of high performance power tools and highly innovative technology.


Employees Globally


Countries being operating in.

HiKOKI uses state of the art assembly technology and manufactures in Japan, Germany, China, Malaysia and other locations around the world.

backed by
70+ years
of world best
tool innovation.

The future is now.

HiKOKI brings the next generation of cutting edge power tools.

HiKOKI is leading the way in new innovation – one which starts with harnessing the power to create and change how people use power tools. A new brand built on a proven legacy, set to deliver the future. We know how important Reliability & Quality is, so our products continue to be at the forefront of Japanese design and engineered to deliver ultimate Precision & Performance. Our products are designed to meet the most  demanding jobs so you can perform at your best.

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